About Lovers Retreat Farm

Lovers Retreat Farm and licensed Grade A Dairy is located on the historic Middle Peninsula of eastern Virginia.  Started as a homestead in 1984, the farm has evolved to include a dairy barn facility - and scattered across the pastures roam our goats nibbling on grass free of pesticides and herbicides.

Lovers Retreat Farm specializes in raising pure bred and percentage dairy goats.  Our herd is currently comprised of  Saneens, Alpines, Nubians and LaManchas.  As members of the American Dairy Goat Association, we strive to produce top quality animals.  Contact us for kid reservations. 

We milk the small herd to make fine farmstead goat cheeses.  These quality artisanal cheeses have exceptional flavor guaranteed by using only the fresh hormone and antibiotic free milk from our herd.  We believe these high standards have enabled our cheeses to win several awards and earn a great reputation! 

Fine Farmstead Cheeses Provided by "Us Goats"


We produce several cheeses such as our classic chevre, fromage blanc, feta, bloomy rind and also delicious flavored cheeses made with fresh herbs and spices.  Contact us by email, phone or drop by Norman's Produce, 280 Gloucester Road, Saluda, VA  23149 to purchase cheese.  We also frequent many Farmers Markets in the area and our cheese is available through other distributors.  Click here for locations.

In addition, we make goat milk soap using all natural fats and oils to produce long lasting, moisturizing bars.  Our goat milk soap can truly benefit your skin's health.  Contact us for current fragrances available.

Our farm also produces our own brown eggs from numerous free-range Black SexLink, Barred Plymouth Rock and Rhode Island Red hens.  We also sell eggs from our flock of Mallard ducks and Chinese/Embden geese. 

We wish to contribute to our unique environment.  We hatch and raise Mallard ducklings for release into the Dragon Run, a 90,000 acre watershed at the headwaters of the Piankatank River which is the most pristine body of water in Virginia.