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Lovers Retreat Dairy

Here at Lovers Retreat Dairy, we take pride in using traditional methods to make the freshest goat cheese you will ever want to eat...

Each morning we pasteurize the fresh warm milk. Culture and rennet are added at the perfect temperature and the cheese curd begins to form.  The next morning the curd is gently "dipped" into cheesecloth bags and hung over our draining table. The curds separate from the whey overnight as they reach the perfect balance in texture and taste.

Our hands then take over the work and a little salt is added. The "cheese" is then incorporated with special herbs and spices or just left plain so the true taste can be appreciated.  It is then hand packed into containers and garnished with a variety of unique toppings.


Fine Farmstead Cheeses Provided by "Us Goats"




Work doesn't stop there, as we clean and scrub the cheese making room, milk room and milking parlor to keep the most sterile environment possible to produce fine cheese.  In fact, our entire dairy is heated and air conditioned which helps keep the air and the rooms much cleaner. 

The day is finally done and it is time to hang the cheesecloth out to dry and pay some attention to the young kids. The nanny goats are contentedly nibbling the grass, which signals the beginning of another cheese making day.