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Caring For Lovers Retreat Cheeses

Thank you for your purchase of Lovers Retreat Farmstead Cheese. Make the most of your purchase using the following tips:   

Before eating cheese remove it from the refrigerator approximately one hour before serving to bring it to room temperature (in hot weather this can be as little as 30 minutes). This allows the full flavor of the cheese to develop. When you take it out, leave it wrapped so that the exposed surface won't dry out. Unwrap it just before you are ready to serve.

Only cut what you are going to serve. To cut any cheese properly, use a good chef's knife or cheese wire if you have one.  Replace leftover cheese in the refrigerator in its original wrapping. The special cheese paper allows the cheese to breath while protecting it from drying out and cracking. Wrap the cheese tightly enough to stay moist, but still able to breath. Typically a soft cheese should be consumed within 10 days of purchase if properly stored.

If not consumed within two weeks, brined feta can be refrigerated in its original container for up to six months as long as the cheese is submerged in the brine.  Soft cheeses may be frozen for up to six months in their original wrapping or container placed inside freezer bags.   Caution:  Dry feta changes texture the longer it is frozen. Thaw cheeses at room temperature before serving.  

Fine Farmstead Cheeses Provided by "Us Goats"




All cheese varieties are not available at all times due to the seasonality of the milk and herbs.   Enjoy varieties when they are at their peak.  Cheeses are often in different stages of ripening so some difference in taste and texture will be noted between purchases. 

Serve fine cheese with some simple biscuits, crackers or good crusty bread to ensure the flavor of the cheese is not overwhelmed or compromised. Fresh or dried fruit is also a good accompaniment, particularly crisp apples or tart grapes. Wine and beer are often paired with cheese (or a variety of drinks of course!). Typically red or white wine goes with most cheeses as well as hoppy beer.  Enjoy!

Cynthia Wilson
Lovers Retreat Dairy